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From top left to bottom right. 16, didnt know I was sick. 17, still didnt know. 19, after second surgery. 20, me now.

Two surgeries to remove pituitary tumor on brain.
One stroke.
Three treatments of cyber knife radiation.

 I posted this so that everyone could be informed about this horrid case.“March 2nd, 2013, in Chongqing, China, a truck was found transporting more than 900 dogs, distributing them to restaurants, slaughterhouses. These are family owned lost/stolen pets (some of them still have colors on). This truck was stopped by a group of volunteers and fortunately, the dogs are saved. By the time they were found, most of them are in very bad health conditions and only few of them were found by their owners. Through out the entire day of rescuing, these volunteers did not get any help from the government.This is a wake up call to everyone in China. It is sad and unfortunate that a big country like does not have any laws/regulations on serious matters like this. They are not just animals, they are someone’s family member. People who treat them like this should be punished by law.I cried for an hour reading blogs and pictures posted by volunteers. The only thing I can do to help is help spreading around the word so people from all over the world can pay attention to this matter. All the animal lovers out there please help me spread around the word, thank you!” Michelle Zhu“I am suffocating just looking at these photos of these poor animals I can’t even breathe because of empathy, this is far worse than inhumane. My rage side wants to have authorities arrest these idiots, and feed them to these poor, thirsty, tired, hungry, dogs full of love, sweetness and much deserving of respect, love, and dignity. My loving side knows Humankind can come together with the same Chinese Volunteers who are the pioneers in their country to save man’s best friends, felines, monkeys, to other species as we have become so desensitized on how we treat other beings on this earth. Slowly but surely we will help each other evolve from subhumans to consciously loving beings. I believe there are more good-hearted heroes with laser focus and by sharing this compassion, all ignorance can be educated through awareness.” - Anne Pinita Meesriyong~



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Alice and the caterpillar by Arthur Rackham


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